Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Less then 24 hoursssss! Ahhhhh!

So I am officially less then 24hrs away from heading to Germany and I've never been so nervous in my life plus I somehow managed to get a sore throat because I am just that lucky..
So this morning was really hectic. I was up really early running last minute errands and then came home and got some catch up sleep in, now I'm off to pack the last of my stuff. Oh man, packing for 5 months is pretty epic and has been taking me about 3 days to do haha...don't wanna forget anything.
For those of you who don't know, yesterday was my last day of work and I was super sad about that :) For all my customers reading this: I am going to miss you so much! Work was awesome because of you guys.
Also!! I finally got skype for all those who have been wondering when I was going to. :)....Ali_Johnson7 so add me and we'll chat!

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