Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm still alive everyone, don't worry. I just haven't had time to update this in a while...
    The schools going well and I'm learning a lot through lectures and our speaker (Jan Denharder) is awesome this week. It's going to be hard to top him. What I'm getting the most out of this week and from him is definitely that we can make mistakes. It was nice to hear cause sometimes I don't try things because I'm afraid of failure. I need to believe that it's okay to not succeed at everything. We also had a little lesson on relationships yesterday, which I was really excited about and for all my fellow single friends who are reading are the 7 keys to a good relationship. It's really going to help me in the future so hopefully it helps you too :
1) observation
2) attraction 
3) courtship
4) interaction
5) covenant
6) intimacy
7) fruitfulness 
....and one of the most important keys I've learned about relationships from the talk is that you can NOT change someone, you can only change yourself! :) 
     Anyways, I've really been enjoying my time here. I really feel called to do something like this long term but we will see. We are starting our local local outreach soon. We had the option to work in a nursing home, work with the handicapped, help the homeless but I want to help the old lady who lives behind the castle whose house is falling apart so hopefully I get to do that. :) You really have no idea how excited I am to do this! 
     So on a more scary note, I've been having nightmares about demons almost every night now. Ive never experienced this before or ever dreamt such terrible things before so its pretty scary. Last night was the worst and I woke up so terrified. Any ideas why? 
      Today we were all prayed for by our speaker and when he prayed for me he said he saw me called to something having to do with art or music. Hmmm I never thought of myself as the artists type but we will see but I have always found photography very exciting and being here made me realize that more so I guess I'll have to pray about all that to confirm it.
       I've been spending most of my time in the afternoons going for walks and I love it cause I found out about a week ago of a farm down the street that has cows, sheep and horses! So guess whose been spend most of their time with the animals! Hehe I love it there! 
       Anyways, sorry for taking so long to update, I've been really busy but I'm still alive so don't worry. :) Bye bye for now..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello everyone! :) 
 So my big outreach is coming up quickly and although I have most of the money, I do not have it all yet so if anyone would like to help that would be much appreciated. You can send the money to: 

Account number: 450-718-0-600
Bank name: volksbank Loubau-Zittau
Bank number (BLZ): 855-901-00
Swift code: GENODEF1INGS
IBAN: DE82 855901004507180600
Mention:  April DTS 2011 (723) Alycia Johnson

Account holder: YWAM Herrnhut 

Account holder address:
Untere Dorfstr. 56
02747 Ruppersdorf