Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spain and Big Outreach :)

 So a lot happened since I last wrote, over a month ago. Well we got our mini outreach choices: Romania, Italy, Spain and Dresden. I ended up going to Spain. I just got back this last saturday and I was there for a week. Our plan for when we got there was to walk the Camino de Santiago, talk to people along the way and evangelize. The trail is 800km but we only walked the last 100km to Santiago where it ends. Its a pilgrimage trail that has beenarounf forever. Lots of people walk it as a way to punish themselves for the sins they have commited, or to find religion. The walk has such a spiritual background which is why it draws so many people to it. I didnt evangelize much, mainly because the main languages spoken were German, French, and Spanish..not much English :( So I saw it as a time to draw closer to God. I have never prayed for so long in one sitting before, way more then a couple hours each day, in a row. :)
  As for the school, I am having a blast here. I have made life long friends and the lectures are amazing and im learning lots! I can hear Gods speak and thats really exciting. I found out I hear Him best through nature. I really enjoy being outside and being around animals, bugs and plants. Its the place I feel closest to Him. I just love, love, love going on walks every night and having my quiet time with God, that relaxes me from the crazy day.
  So I found out my big outreach location options a couple weeks ago. I either am going to: Serbia/Albania, Ethiopia, or Tunisia. We got to put down our top two choices and I picked 1) Ethiopia and 2) Tunisia. Ill find out by the end of the week where ill be going. :) So to be honest, none of these places were on my lists of places to go but while I was praying about where to go I really felt God placed the calling for me to go to Ethiopia so since im pretty sure God wants me to be there, I am am now really excited to find out if I will be going there. :) But whether I go there or to one of the other countries, I know God will use me wherever I go. Ill update you guys when I found out for sure though.

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