Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello! I am alive!

   So I really think it's about time I update this blog of mine. I haven't had much time, being sick and all, plus lectures, work duties,and afternoon meetings / activities so there hasn't been much time but at last, I FOUND TIME! Although the circumstance could have been better. It all started last Saturday I started getting a head cold, nothing too extreme. Sunday I got a sore throat but also, not too extreme. Monday we were scheduled to get a yellow fever shot so I went but asked the doctor if it would be alright.....she said I was fine.....hmm okay so I got it. The next day( yesterday), I started off my day with a 103 degree temperature. I didn't go to class or do anything except lay in bed. Irate being lazy. I always feel like I should be moving or doing something. So with my much prayers from my classmates and others my temperature dropped to normal. I started feeling a bit better and this morning I still felt the same but my fever was gone so I went to class anyways and did my work duties etc etc and now my fevers back. :( Keep praying. God wants to see me healed just as much as I do and I believe with everyone's prayers I can conquer this bug in me and get better esp with outreach starting next weekend.  I really need/want to get better. Pray, pray, pray! 
   Anyways, on a better note! I leave for Ethiopia next weekend. Ill be there for 2 months and I'll be back on the 5th of September. I know God is going to blow mine and my teams minds while were away, for sure, so I'm set, I have everything of importance to team, me and God! Let's rock this country and bring it back to life. No doubt Gods going to rock this place and stir up some spiritual warfare because we have the authority since the Lord already won the battle, we just have to enforce it! 

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