Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never too early to start a life list...

Travel the world
Never Contribute to road kill
Speak another language fluently
Marry a Godly man
Change someone's life for the better
Live as a villager
Finish school
Go inside the great pyramids
Hold a tarantula
Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
Adopt an accent for an entire day
Fall in love and not have my heart broken
Think to myself that I'm living my dream
Volunteer more
Learn the family history
Take a long road trip
Trial and error: be open to new things
Go somewhere that makes people scratch their heads
Go skinny dipping
Learn not to say yes when you really mean no
Send a message in a bottle
Shower in a waterfall
Fall madly in love- hopelessly and unconditionally
Spend the night in a haunted house
Drive the autobahn
Learn to argue effectively and do it!
Attend a Mumford and sons concert
Overcome my fear of failure
Visit the Holy Land
Visit a concentration camp
Swim with a whale shark
Attend a music festival in another country
Get closure on all my hurt, grievances and unhappiness of my past
Go on a romantic getaway
Go to a soccer game in a country where it actually mattered
Give blood
Get a famous autograph
Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
Hike the Inca trails to Macchu Picchu
French kiss in Paris
Learn to change a tire
HeadBang at a concert
Stay up all night talking to someone
Rope swing into the water
Have a rooftop picnic
Start a fire without matches
Learn to drive stick shift
Swallow my pride
Catch fireflies on a summer night
Learn to really cook
Have a penpal
Be friends with an ex (real friends)
Have a completely platonic friend of the opposite sex
Get breakfast in bed
Have a food fight
Live in a foreign country

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